Sunday, July 30, 2006

illustration Friday / Clean

still a sketch, no time to finish it this week, but right now I have a clear idea of how is going to be the final render.....the yellow square gave me the idea for the cubic egg (plus Rrramone comentary) + the ducks + the illoFriday theme: clean............oh I got the final name, It's going to be "clean clean ducks".
I'll finish this later, till next illofriday :)

nothing yet sorry :S .
I'm not reserving space or anything like it, I just want to tell you that my illustration for this week Illofriday is going to be about a duck, not a monkey or a donkey, a
I just wake up this morning with that in mind, and just want it you to know that.
with that been say, good day to all of you!!!!!! :)


Rrramone said...

I thought for sure this was a square egg. :-)

baggelboy said...

So whats wrong with Monkeys then.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Square eggs are cool.

I had a monkey!

I did a duck today. Didn't know you were going to.